Trauma Counselling in Exeter and Online

Trauma can lead to feeling overwhelmed. You may feel numb, detached, stuck. or as if you are in a state of ‘high alert’ constantly scanning your surroundings with a sense something bad is going to happen.

You may feel like you are caught up in memories, or stuck in a moment that left you feeling broken, scared or confused. You may find an event repeatedly playing over in your mind, or even experience disassociation.

Maybe it is difficult for you to say no, you are unable to set boundaries and constantly people please. Living like this can lead to feeling both physically and emotionally drained.

Perhaps at times your trauma responses, reactions and emotions take over. These responses can lead to feelings of shame, and it can be difficult to understand them, what triggers them and why they happen.

I have a great deal of experience in working in trauma with children, young people and adults. I am here to listen and work through your trauma with you whether it is short term therapy or longer term more complex work. Reach out when you are ready and know that I will do all I can to make you feel safe and heard