Family Therapy in Exeter and Online

We are all unique with our own different perspectives and when you throw family dynamics into the mix relationships can become tense or fraught. There can be constant battles or periods of being unable to communicate that seem never ending.

Family life can feel stressful at times, and family members can find it difficult to move on from unhelpful patterns of behaviour. Family therapy helps to resolve conflict and enable family members to understand each other better.

In therapy I give families, or members of families the chance to express an explore their feelings in a safe non-judgemental environment and the opportunity to explore difficulties and differences in their relationships. In family therapy I make sure that each voice is heard.

I use an inclusive approach which considers every member of the family and their role within the family dynamic. I will not always work with the entire family but instead this could be parent child relationships, sibling relationships or any members of the family that are really struggling in their relationship. I am sensitive to the diverse nature that comes with family relationships, and know that no two families are the same.