Online Counselling across the United Kingdom

I offer secure online counselling through Zoom and WhatsApp. There are a number of reasons online therapy may be more suited to you.

  • The convenience of not travelling. Helpful if you have mobility issues or you live in a remote area with no means of transport.

  • Flexibility. Online counselling gives the option of times that are outside of typical working or school hours. In addition to this you can access your counselling from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Access. In some regions there may be a shortage of qualified therapists or long waiting lists. Online counselling means that you can access timely help from wherever you are in the United Kingdom.

  • If the idea of going to a physical face to face counselling session is intimidating or anxiety provoking - particularly for a first session, online counselling provides a space to talk about your thoughts and feelings in your own surroundings. A familiar environment may make you feel more at ease.

*In addition to experience I have a certification from the Online Therapy Institute – ‘Moving Your Practice Online’ so you can be confident that your therapy will be effective.

I am also trained and experienced in telephone counselling. This option could be helpful if you find yourself more comfortable expressing yourself over the phone rather than in person/on video.

Telephone Counselling in Exeter and Online