Counselling for Young People in Exeter and Online

Young people often face a unique set of challenges and transitions as they navigate their way through adolescence and early adulthood. This complex time can sometimes lead to overwhelming emotions, confusion and a sense of isolation.

You may notice significant changes in their behaviour or appearance, that their personality has changed significantly, or they have become irritable anxious or depressed.

You may feel that you have run out of answers and cannot think of how to help, now realise that you may need professional help. .

Counselling and psychotherapy can help to build self esteem and develop a stronger sense of self. I aim to help young people develop tools to overcome challenges, and empower them to be resilient in the future. I do this with a laid back approach to ensure that they are in a space where they feel comfortable and relaxed in talking about what they are thinking and feeling.

*In addition to my other qualifications and experience I worked at Exeter College as a Counsellor for young people for two years. I also worked for an online platform providing Person Centred counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Children and Young People. I am also an accredited children and young people's therapist on the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society's professional register.