Neurodiversity Counselling in Exeter and Online

I am a Certified Autistic Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist (ASDCS).

But… more importantly than that, I have many years experience in working with young people and adults with Autism, ADHD and other types of neurodiversity. I have also worked with neurodiverse children and young people in an educational setting. This has helped me to realise that people with the same diagnosis present do not think, feel, experience the world or act in the same way. One person’s struggles may be a different person’s strengths. It’s so important to look outside of a textbook.

It is also important to acknowledge that you can be neurodiverse and have mental health struggles separately to that.

I am happy to work with young people and adults with a range of neurodiverse diagnoses in a way that suits you but also at a pace that suits you. In addition to being approachable, calm and accepting I treat each client as a blank canvas and learn from them what their strengths and difficulties are rather than base it on my experience with others.