Gender and Sexual Identity Counselling in Exeter and Online

Figuring out your gender and who you are attracted to can be a tough journey. Especially if you have been led to believe that your feelings are “wrong”. Maybe this has led to feelings of shame. Or perhaps sometimes you find yourself pretending to be someone that you are not which leads to feelings of confusion and frustration. You may have experienced discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, or even the pain of rejection from those close to you.

Navigating your sexuality and gender identity can be challenging as well as a deeply personal experience. I provide a safe and inclusive space where you can openly explore your thoughts, feelings and questions without having to hold back. Whether you have questions about your gender or sexuality or both. I first and foremost offer understanding without judgement.

I do not expect everyone’s experience to be the same and I am here to support you in finding your own path no matter how many twists and turns there are in it. Working towards self-acceptance, finding your place and most importantly an authentic life that is unapologetically you!