Counselling for Anxiety in Exeter and Online

Anxiety is more than a fleeting worry or a passing thought. Experiencing anxiety and panic can feel can make it hard to concentrate on anything else that is going on around you.

Your heart races, breath quickens and an overwhelming sense of fear takes hold of you, leaving you vulnerable. You may feel hot and as if you are about to faint, have an uneasy feeling of butterflies, your legs wobbly or your palms sweaty. Even if you know you aren’t in physical danger there can be a constant nagging feeling that something isn’t right. The world becomes an uncertain place.

My approach is all about you. Your experiences, and unpicking your triggers. In addition to unpicking the thoughts and feelings underlying your anxiety, we can work on strategies, and practical tools that can help you or your child.

I completely understand that reaching out for help can be anxiety provoking in itself – but it is a step worth taking. You are not defined by your anxiety it is something you can overcome.