Abuse Counselling in Exeter and Online

It wasn't your fault!

You may not have recognised it was happening until it felt like you were unable to escape. Perhaps you are only now realising that something wasn't right in your relationship.

You said no! Now telling yourself that you didn’t say it loudly enough and thinking that makes you the one to blame. It could have been easier just to let it happen maybe even returning through ‘choice’ afterwards and never really understanding why.

Your experiences may be causing you conflicting emotions; confusion, anger, rage or difficulty in relationships because you have been unable to process what happened to you.

I am certificated in Understanding Domestic Violence and Abuse Levels one and two, and spent two years working with the charity Stop Abuse For Everyone (The SAFE Foundation) and have helped clients that have survived all forms of domestic abuse whether in the past or in the here and now.

I am here to listen and help you work through this with no pressure, for as long as it takes.